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Here at Random Logic Games we like to have fun! We create social games for all major mobile platforms as well as Facebook. Check out our most recent and popular titles in the list below. Also, if you're interested in the technical side of things, check out our jobs page.

Tap 5 Differences

Playing Tap 5 Differences is extremely easy! Look at the two NEARLY identical photos presented to you - can you spot the 5 hidden differences in the images? Simply tap either image when you find something out of place! We've got over 100 images for you to complete, with MANY more coming!

Guess the Character

Guess The Character - Are you a pop culture fanatic? This is the game for you! Guess hundreds of your favorite characters from TV, Movies and Video Games!

Guess The Idiom

Guess The Idiom is a fun and quirky quiz game where you have to figure out which common phrase or saying is illustrated in the drawing. The drawings are fun and funny with a simplistic style that is sure to please. You can have hours of fun trying to Guess The Idiom!

Guess The Emoji

Guess The Emoji is truly a unique quiz style game! Try and guess what these cute emojis are acting out!